Dealing with Worry?

Dealing with Worry?

  • On October 11, 2022

By Chris Bassett, MA, LMFT:

I wanted to share a thought about worry that a friend shared with me recently. It shed some light on the worry and fretting that my husband and I admittedly had during our recent construction project. My friend said something like this: When we worry and stress over things, we are sometimes placing ourselves in God’s role. Only God is Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient (all-knowing) and Omnipresent (present at all times, everywhere). We as humans are not! There are so many things that we cannot know, or even find out.

Our job is to live at peace, knowing God has got this. 

It’s so good when we can steady our minds knowing that God is in control, making the strong statement, “Worry can’t stay here!” I can give Him control of my home, my finances, my mind. I want to allow Jesus to speak into every arena in my life.
And then, He helps me to be powerful for good, and powerful for the Kingdom of God. There is no shortage of verses that help us persevere, in spite of troubling and worrying times. Casey Adams, in her blog, “One Well Momma,” has compiled a list of 32 verses to strengthen us when we experience fear and worry.
And, if you’ve been struggling with worry and it seems to have taken root in a way that is affecting your life, our counselors are here to help. Just give our office a call.
We’d love to help you walk in greater freedom from worry.