Summertime…and the livin’ is easy”

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy”

  • On September 28, 2022

By Kathy Estep, LPCC:

Seasons are important in life, and the slowed-down, relaxed feeling of summer is so very good for us. Summer is a time for mandatory interruptions in the standard routines. Days are longer and there is plenty of time and good weather to be outside. Meaningful times with family and friends at the Bar-B-Q, on the patio, or around a fire pit. Walks around lakes or on river banks, and hikes in the mountains. Bike rides. Swimming in a pool. SUPs, kayaks, boats, fishing and water sports. Fresh air, cool breezes, beautiful sunsets and stars at night. All sorts of birds twittering as the sun wakes the world up. Crickets chirping as the sun goes to bed. Jump rope, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Flowers of varied colors blossoming everywhere. Tasty home-grown vegetables and sweet fruits. Farmers markets. Outdoor concerts. Vacations. Travel. Rest….and peace.

Jesus spent time away, alone on the mountaintop to pray and spend time with his Father. God gave us the Sabbath, and speaks to us of its necessity. While we attempt to carve out one restful day a week, I also think that the season of summer can be recognized as a Sabbath, a time to rejuvenate our souls before the busyness of fall is upon us. So smile. Laugh. Sit on the porch and sip a glass of lemonade or ice tea. Play games. Listen to music. Read a book. Spend intentional time with your kids. Enjoy those you love, and let them love you. These are all fingerprints of God’s grace to us. He has blessed us with so very much. The stressors of our life and our world push upon us…But God gives these times of rest and peace to absorb the beauty and tranquility of His love for us.










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