Reunification / Reintegration Therapy

Reunification (Reintegration) therapy is a form of therapy designed to help estranged family members reconnect and rebuild their relationship. It is often used when a parent and child have been separated for an extended period of time due to a variety of reasons, such as divorce, relocation, or parental alienation. The goal of reunification therapy is to promote a healthy and positive relationship between the parent and child, and to help both parties understand each other’s perspectives and needs. The therapist typically works with both the parent and child separately, and then together, to identify and address any issues that may be hindering their relationship.

Reunification therapy may involve a range of techniques, such as talk therapy, family therapy, and behavioral interventions. The therapist may also provide education and support to the parent and child, as well as communication and conflict resolution skills. Overall, reunification therapy aims to help families heal and move forward by promoting healthy communication, understanding, and connection. It is often a challenging and complex process, but it can lead to a more positive and fulfilling family relationship in the long run.

Reunification at Lighthouse

We consider the children the clients. Not Mom. Not Dad. However, it is a group effort- all parties play an important role in reunification.

There is no formula for reunification. The length of sessions, and the format of sessions varies based on the best interest of the child(ren). We start sessions with one session each parent, and then the counselor decides the best way to move forward with that information and the court order, if there is one. The sessions might begin with just the child, or with the child and the reunifying parent. The sessions may start with the child and reunifying parent in person, or they may start with teletherapy. 

There is no way to know how the sessions will look until both parent sessions have been completed. Usually, though, sessions occur on a weekly basis.


Due to the complex nature of most reunification cases, we require a retainer for 4 hours of service before beginning services, so we can minimize disruption of care for the children involved should one or both parties abruptly stop the reunification process by refusing to pay or refusing to participate. If this situation occurs, the counselor has the right to utilize this retainer, in part OR in whole to properly conclude services.

Each session, including the parent sessions, will be billed at the time of service according to the payment agreement between both parties. (Any phone calls and/or work needed outside of the sessions is billed, at the same rate, at the time of the work, 100% to the person requesting the work.) Reunification Therapy is not covered by insurance.

Any unused funds from the deposit will be refunded at the completion of services. 

Getting Started:

Reunification is a valuable process in the wellbeing of all parties involved. It is a significant investment, and we know you will have lots of questions. Our office staff will speak with both parents to answer those questions and gather some history to see if we would be a good fit for your family. If we are able to work with you, we will send each parent paperwork.  

Once both parents have completed the paperwork all the paperwork and agree to a payment method, we will collect the 4 session retainer and  the process can begin! How quickly the process begins will depend on how long it takes to get the paperwork in, the flexibility of the reunifying family’s schedules, and the schedule of the counselor at the time paperwork is completed.