Restorative Rest for Mental Wellbeing

Restorative Rest for Mental Wellbeing

  • On March 8, 2024

Restorative Rest for Mental Wellbeing
~Bob Weinkauf, LMFTC~

Do you feel worn out and exhausted, weary from the business of everyday living? Perhaps you are suffering from “busy-itis?” I would characterize “busy-itis” as a life so jam-packed with activities you have no time to tend to your mental well-being. We are used to our schedules being so loaded that even vacations can be filled with activities from dawn to late night. We desire to escape from the world’s difficulties, challenges, and turmoil. Our busyness keeps our schedules cluttered and covers life’s uncomfortable moments. In our effort to avoid discomfort, we find distractions, often leading to more busyness. We see no rest, just diversion. How long will we allow ourselves to run on empty?

Many times, we will go until our physical body or mental capacity collapses. It could be an illness or even a mental break. We are all designed to rest, but that doesn’t mean a few hours of sleep for the next task. Rather, it is a time to savor life. When did you last enjoy nature or a good conversation with loved ones? How about a few minutes to admire beautiful paintings, colorful sunrises, sunsets, little children laughing, cute puppies, or anything else that puts a warm feeling in your heart? Rest is a gift given to us. We tend to think of it as laziness in our busy world. But if you practice proper rest, you could find a greater peace with yourself and others. If you are feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned, or depressed about the uncomfortable feelings in your life, think about slowing down for a bit. Your body and mind are designed for rest, so rest. Mindfulness of “busy-itis” will equip you to conquer everyday distractions with renewed strength.


“He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still and quiet waters. He refreshes and restores my soul.”
Psalm 23:2-3


Oh, Lord, we find ourselves weary. We carry heavy burdens and many responsibilities. We are overwhelmed by relational hardships and financial burdens. We feel lost in the swirl of events around us.

In your Holy name, Jesus, we repent of the ways we’ve tried to distract ourselves from these burdens. And now, in this moment, we choose to bring them before you. We choose to rest in you.

You are the God who provides rest for the soul. You say your yoke is easy and your load is light. We long for that peace. We invite your Holy Spirit to work in our hearts; we invite your healing rest into this week. Refresh our spirits, reinvigorate our bones, and stir up compassion and strength in our hearts again. Draw us back into the joy of your salvation, that we may recognize your blessings and pour those out upon others.

For the fame of Jesus,