Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Relationships are hard work. Whether you’re in a new relationship or your marriage has weathered a few storms – we can help!

Counseling at Lighthouse happens from a Family Systems perspective. That means that your counselor recognizes the importance of your relationships with your family that you grew up with, as well as the family you’re part of now.

In all families, there are rules for how interactions go, patterns that are followed. There are even unspoken rules about how one must behave. These rules often have implications for following suit or going against the grain. Sometimes the expectations you learned feel so normal that you don’t question their validity in your adult life. However, the people you interact with in your adulthood may not have been part of your family system, and there may be conflict based on those expectations. Sometimes the family dynamics you grew up in with cause some emotional baggage, which must be dealt with for the sake of healthy adult relationships.

Counseling is helpful for situations like this.  That emotional baggage can be addressed, and lines of communication can become healthier. Relationship counseling can be for couples, families, parents and teens. It is for all people who care about each other enough to work through difficulties, for the sake of a stronger and healthier relationship. Our heart at Lighthouse is to help you communicate in healthy ways with the people who are important in your life.

Your relationship is worth the investment and our hope is to help your relationship become life-giving once again.

Getting Started:

We are here to help.  Call today so we can schedule an appointment for you. (970) 413-8998.  We also often have an intern who is in their Master’s degree to become a counselor, and fees are lower.  Contact us for more information about availability.