Micah Strouse

Micah is a 33 year old male

Hello! My name is Micah Strouse. I am a Masters-level counselor-in-training through Liberty University, working toward a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Through my affiliation with this program, I am qualified to counsel under the supervision of a clinical director of Liberty University as well as under my licensed supervisors Chris Bassett at Lighthouse Christian Counseling. My current education has prepared me to counsel individuals of all ages, experiencing a variety of life challenges. It is my goal to come alongside individuals, journey with them through their story, overcoming barriers, and create a safe space for individuals to share their stories. I will continue to receive close supervision, collaboration, and consultation to provide you with the best holistic care possible.

I’m blessed to be married to my wife Kaylee for the past 6 years and we have 2 dogs Mia and Castle who bring a lot of joy into our lives. Playing disc golf, hiking, and spending time with family and friends takes up the majority of my free time and I am truly grateful to live in Colorado. I look forward to meeting with you and journeying with you.