Family Counseling

At Lighthouse, we understand that Family life can be both rewarding and challenging. Sometimes, families face difficulties and conflicts that  strain relationships and create tension. Our counselors are ready to help your family navigate through challenges, improve communication, and foster healthier connections. 

Effective communication and conflict resolution are essential for building strong and harmonious family relationships. We provide a safe space where each family member can express their thoughts and feelings, and we teach valuable communication techniques to identify the underlying  causes of conflicts, and process through them in a constructive manner that can foster healing, build trust, enhance empathy, and foster a sense of togetherness. 

Raising children can be challenging, and parents often face uncertainties and dilemmas along the way. No matter the stage of their children’s development, we provide tools and strategies to address behavioral issues, set boundaries, promote positive discipline, and cultivate a nurturing and supportive parenting style.

Blending families can present unique challenges as individuals adjust to new roles and family dynamics. Some of our counselors specialize in working with blended families, providing guidance on effective communication, co-parenting strategies, and building harmonious relationships within the new family structure. We help families navigate the complexities of blending households and create a strong foundation for their future together.

Through various therapeutic techniques and interventions, we help families create a supportive and loving environment where everyone feels valued and connected.

How do we work with families?

Through various therapeutic techniques and interventions, including Family Systems Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and play therapy, we help families create a supportive and loving environment where everyone feels valued and connected. 

Getting Started

We invite your family to take the first step towards healing and strengthening your relationships. Contact our office to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and match your family with a counselor who specializes in family dynamics. We believe that small, actionable steps can create significant positive shifts within the family unit that can help families overcome challenges and create a loving and gracious environment for everyone.