Why Faith-Based Counseling?

Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Counseling.

We understand the importance of integrating faith into the counseling process. Our compassionate and experienced counselors are dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges in the context of your faith. We recognize that each individual and each relationship is complex, with emotional, spiritual and physical facets. At Lighthouse, the therapeutic process will address each of these facets that combine to confuse us in our identity, value, and purpose.

While we are Christian counselors, each client decides how they would like to incorporate their faith into their sessions.

We believe that, as we push into the hard and painful things surrounding us, God meets us with both grace and truth. It is our delight to extend that grace and truth to others, regardless of their faith journey.

Each of our Counselors has their own stories and therapeutic specialties. Read more about our counselors in the “Our Staff” tab, or call our office to see which one might be a good fit for you.
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