David Cartwright, LPC

David is a licensed professional counselor who has been practicing formally for over two decades. Prior to that, he served as a college chaplain at Colorado Christian University where he also has and continues to teach. He has taught for over 25 years at the graduate (Counseling) and undergraduate levels. Before that, he served as a full-time pastor in N. Nevada for 12 years serving family and youth. David also draws from clinical experience from working in a psychiatric hospital for close to 10 years. With a background in counseling, teaching, and pastoral care he draws from a broad range of experience as to what he brings to the counseling experience. David is a trauma-informed therapist who has been certified in EMDR through the Maiberger Institute. His focus is in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, emotional regulation and stress management, also life adjustment transitions. He loves working with the individual along with couples counseling.

David has been married for 51 years to Tina and they have 4 children and 11 granddaughters (yes, 11). He believes when you do something right you just keep doing it (no offense to the boys). He loves to spend time with his granddaughters and engaging in activities such as dancing, horseback riding, walks, playing music or simply just chatting!!

David is thrilled to offer Counseling Intensives! Is an intensive right for you?
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