Counseling Intensives


Are the ever increasing demands on your time, energy, and devotion leaving you feeling anxious, depressed,  or burnt out? You’re not alone. In the midst of this fast-paced world, self-reflection, strategic thinking, and personal growth are often pushed aside so we can tend to the needs of others and the never-ending to-do list.

But we were not meant to run full steam ahead. Our minds, bodies, and spirits have real limitations. When we continue to push ourselves beyond those limits, we become weary and disheartened. Left unaddressed, our suffering can  extend beyond ourselves into our relationships, and our work. The tension stresses  our physical health, mental health, spiritual health, finances and relationships, all demanding time to reconcile our limitations with those all the demands on our time, energy, and resources.

Whether your struggles are rooted in present challenges or past trauma, there is hope! Our five-day intensives are an intentional time away from your daily responsibilities designed to accomplish what might take months in traditional weekly counseling. Our focused, goal-driven counseling addresses the things that are wearing you down and holding you back, bringing you through substantial progress in your journey towards hope and healing.


  • Monday – Friday
  • 3 hour personalized counseling sessions each morning (9am-12pm)
  • Psychoeducation based on your circumstances
  • Exercises and assignments tailored to you and your situation
  • Reflection and Recovery time each afternoon


Those in Ministry

  • Pastors and Ministers
  • Parachurch Leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Organizational Conflict


  • Executives
  • Non-Profit leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Organizational Conflict

Those with High Pressure jobs

  • retired and active-duty military personnel
  • physicians and healthcare workers
  • firefighters
  • police officers
  • counselors


  • Couples struggling with communication/conflict
  • Couples struggling with parenting 
  • Couples struggling with intimacy
  • Couples struggling with pornography, sexual addictions or infidelity
  • Couples wanting to strengthen or deepen intimacy in their already thriving marriage


  • Individuals who have experienced trauma
  • Individuals wanting increased intimacy with God
  • Individuals desiring to understand barriers to living their life in the freedom and purpose for which they were created
  • Individuals who have experienced abuse or feelings of disillusionment
  • Individuals experiencing burnout and exhaustion 
  • Individuals struggling with relationships



*$1,000 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot

*Lodging and transportation not included.
From DIA, you can rent a car or catch a ride to fort Collins with the Groome Shuttle.
Within Fort Collins, Uber and Lyft are readily available.

We partner with two hotels (see images below), each a short distance from Lighthouse and with different amenities.


Contact our office at 970-413-8998 to discuss your situation and availability. Our office will send you the necessary paperwork and a list of considerations for your week of intensives. Our counselor, David Cartwright will reach out to schedule a week with you.